Why is this blog now also partly in English?

Hi English visitor! And welcome. If you do not know me, my name and image are on the right.

Growindigital is a company I’ve started in 2013. I left a job at a large mediapublisher for it. My parents thought it wasn’t a good move: why take all the risk associated and start for yourself in such a terrible economic atmosphere?

They proven to be wrong, Growindigital is still moving forward as a strategic agency working on Lean Product development for both corporates and startups (and basically anything in between, such as some SME’s). In the almost 3 years of existence I’ve come across a lot of people, learned new skills and wrote some blogposts in Dutch. 124 exactly. I also wrote some blogs on external platforms in English, like on Medium. On Medium, the social tools prove to get you some audience, but in the end your still on Medium, and I wanted to move that momentum into owned media, more specific: this website.

Beginning of this year, I began to realize I wanted to diverse and broaden my target audience. At the very same time, I did not want to lose touch with my existing customer base, who is used reading blogs in their native language and I did not want to look like a ‘show-off’ doing everything again in English. So, that’s why you’ll find more blogs in the near future in English. Topics will include Lean Startup, product development and product ownership.



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